• Integrating Mobile Apps with the ATM!

    Lost, stolen and insecure cards no longer required! Just.Cash connects mobile apps to ATMs so customers can access cash at an ATM without a card. Send cash to family and friends around the world safely and securely (no personal details shared) with Just.Cash.

A Cardless "Switch" That Makes Sense


More convenient, cost effective and secure ATM transactions. Send cash to family and friends 24 hours a day.


Provide customers with an all encompassing mobile solution. Eliminate security threats and costs associated with cards. Provide global access to your customers.

ATM owners

Brand new business from remittance companies, banks and digital wallets. Backwards compatible and free to install across your ATM fleet.


Limited integration required based on familiar message types. Just.Cash can be incorporated into existing reconciliation processes.

ATM manufacturer

Minimize development efforts by integrating with Just.Cash once. Avoid integrating multiple cardless solutions across your platform.

Simplified ATM Withdraw